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Frequenty Asked Questions

Please ask questions via the Contact page!

Q: Why is there a charge for listings?

A: If listings were free, the site would have to show ads or sell web visitor and directory information! The initial goal is to avoid sellings ads or "priority" listings (one listing favored over another). Each listing is displayed based on what web visitors type into the search page.

Remember, if the site is free then it's you that's for sale.

Q: Can I update my listing?

A: Yes, Within a 12 month period you may request and receive modifications to your listing twice at no charge. Subsequent changes are $5 per request.

Q: Can I search for multiple keywords?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I search for keywords and a proximity to a location?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I indicate that I don't want listings with certain keywords?

A: Yes. If you prefix a keyword with a dash - any entries with that keyword will be dropped from your results.

Q: Is the keyword search tolerant of typographic erros?

A: Yes, give it a try!

Q: Can I use HTML or images in my listing?

A: Sorry, no HTML or Images. This maintains a constitent look and your actual web site is only a click away!

Q: How are listings sorted and can I make a suggestion?

A: Listings are sorted by distance to a location (if entered) and by keyword significance. And yes, feel free to make a suggestion or point out a problem (or bug, yes, bugs exist everywhere) via the Contact link.

Q: My consulting practice is located in two cities, can I list them both?

A: Additional listings can be purchased for a 10% discount.

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