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PCMacHelp is a directory of technology consultants

Terms of Use

The listings in this directory have been provided by a outside parties. There is no warranty or quality level of service or guarantee provided.

Akin to a newspaper running an advertisement, there is no implied rating nor is there any recommendation from the owner of this directory to those listed.

Listings on the site are $10 a month or $100 for 12 months. If the same business or consultant wishes to be listed at more than one location for geographic search purposes or for other reasons wishes to have more than one listing, additional listings are discounted 10% ($9 for a month or $90 for 12 months). Additional listings at the same address or an obvious attempt to "game" the system is to be avoided. If a consultant works in one or more areas that are distinct from their physical address they may choose, for the purposes of distance-based searches, to be located there in this directory.

Within a 12 month period you may request modifications to your listing twice at no charge. Subsequent changes are $5 per request. (E.g., frequent changes made in an attempt to jockey your position in the directory are not encouraged.)

We reserve the right to not list companies we observe as offering national or international outsourced dispatched & phone-based services, as we favor personal service and envision PCMacHelp as a way to connect Technology consultants (rather than agencies) with potential clients. Exceptions would be consulting that requires no onsite visits (e.g., Software Development, or remote maintenance of installations not requiring personal attention) or service for highly specialized technology not available locally. We realize that the client makes the decision of who to work with and location need not be a primary part of that process.

Listings are not guaranteed to be displayed in any particular order. If a web visitor searches geographically, results are intended to be displayed in distance order, though no guarantee is made with respect to correctness of distances used internally. If a web visitor enters search terms, then those are combined with proximity if both are provided. If you have a question or a suggestion about the order of listings, feel free to use the Contact page.

There is no guaranteed uptime for the directory, but having run directories since 1997, past performance is a reasonable predictor of future performance! That said, any site can go down for internal or external reasons, as any internet user knows well.

Please note that re-use of information on this site in any other form to create derivative works is not permitted. Sensibly, of course, you may print and share listing information, but it should be clearly noted that copying entries from the directory to other forms, electronic and other for distribution in part or in whole beyond a listing or two would be attributed as stealing and thus would not be ethical or legal.

Any questions about this Terms of Use statement may be directed via the Contact page.

Your repect of this Terms of Use policy is appreciated.

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